Greetings from space
27/7/14 at 17:16pm
"Gotcha cupcake!"
I love vi x cait so much mmmhhmm

"Gotcha cupcake!"

I love vi x cait so much mmmhhmm

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"Gods in his Heaven, and All’s Right with the World."

"Gods in his Heaven, and All’s Right with the World."

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League babes *w* 

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Queen of ice

Queen of ice

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There’s no way I would regret this.

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rewatched some nge episodes and

kawoshiiiiinnnn ahhh  ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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annie leonhardt aka my wife

annie leonhardt aka my wife

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I promise yall im not dead, sorry for being so inactive!

since school started i haven’t had the time to draw, yadda yadda you know the deal ;( i will try to upload more in the future!

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You poor kid, crawling with lies, sweet disguised simpler days just never come out nice.

reblogging for the evening crew yo

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! I really love your art and your style! I was just wanting to ask how you got to where you are now? Did you learn from anyone, or teach yourself? I'm a beginning artist, and I was really just curious if you had any tips or advice?

omg, i’m sorry if this is an old ask, i didn’t see it!! ): 

but thank you so much aaahh you are such a cutie<33

well, i guess i’m not a very interesting person when it comes to questions about my drawing experience, so sorry in advance! 

i  haven’t gone to any art school (yet, but i’m planning to). i would say i’m pretty much all self-taught, and i’ve drawn as long as i can remember.

the advice i have for beginners is the usual: practice, practice and practice! even though you’re going through a really bad art block, try to draw either way. if you feel like you aren’t good enough at drawing or something, don’t worry! everybody started off somewhere, nobody’s a full-fledged pro without some sort of training. draw as often as you can, and i really recommend looking at pose references/anatomy references meanwhile. even though every artist have their own personal style with different features, a sense of anatomy is important. the internet is full of great art tutorials too, deviantart usually have good tutorials and some of them have helped me a lot.

i have to show one of my oldest drawings i have saved on this computer just to prove how much practice can do:


i mean WHAT THE FUCK is up with that giraffe…..?? true art ahh

if i hadn’t drawn as much as i do, i would probably still be drawing crappy giraffes like the one above (it has its charm tho)

but yeah, look at your favourite artists work to get inspiration for example, maybe watch a good movie (i would personally recommend animated movies because i always feel like drawing after i’ve seen one) or listen to some cool music you like. try out different styles and techniques to see which one you’re most comfortable with - i’ve had a lot of struggle with that one. i felt like my style was too sketchy for a long time and thought that every drawing had to be perfect, or else it wouldn’t do. one of my best friends told me that “it doesn’t need to be perfect to be a good drawing”, and i think that helped me a lot.

surround yourself with encouraging people who motivate you to continue drawing, and dont give up < cheesy as it sounds!

i hope i could help you atleast a little, even though my lack of experience!